Frierce Frida Final December Edit 2020


Whether you are a seasoned artist, dabbling in creative pursuits or haven’t touched art supplies since grade school ~ Stoyko Mixed Media is the place for you.
Creative is a state of mind. It is a practice of tapping into your intuition while bravely exploring ideas.
Give your inner child their crayons back and experience the freedom to play without the worry of how it will look at the end. Remember how good play for play sake felt? Let’s do more of that. What you gain with Stoyko Mixed Media is greater than the art at the end of events or classes or workshops – it is about you and what you take away from the experience. Lessons that transfer to other area’s of your life. Imagine making choices out of possibilities instead of fear.
That is what we am here for ~ smaller classes with greater authenticity.
It is about more than hanging pretty art on your walls.
We are here to encourage you to create a life you love.